Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kendo in University of Brunei Darussalam

Here is a Kendo training conducted in UBD where the session is conducted by Okamura Sensei (7th Dan), Ishigami Tsuyoshi Sensei (5th Dan) and Ishigami Noriko Sensei (5th Dan). This is part of Kendo Alliance training activities.

Below Okamura Sensei (7th Dan) in action.

Ishigami Tsuyoshi Sensei (5th Dan) and Ishigami Noriko Sensei (5th Dan) teaching Nihon Kendo Kata

Okamura Sensei (7th Dan) demonstrate Nito Ryu (2 sword style). Here he say he believe that ONLY a 5th Dan Kendo Sensei are allowed to use Nito-Ryu, and he make one of the Brunei Kendo Sempai to practice it but NOT to use it until he achieved his Dan ranking.

Here Kendo Alliance would like to thanks the Japan Embassy in Brunei Darussalam, and Universiti Brunei Darussalam for their support in the development of Kendo in Brunei Darussalam.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Our Condolences to the people of Japan

On behalf of UBD Kendo Club and Kendo Alliance, Brunei Darussalam, we are deeply sadden by the shocking news of earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. We wish all the people of Japan all the best and are safe in this most unfortunate situation. We hope to all our friends and their family there will be safe, and please let us know that everyone is safe and fine. There's nothing we hope for now is to know everyone are safe.

UBD Kendo Club

P.S For our respect and condolences to the people of Japan for this unfortunate incident, there will be no Kendo training this coming Monday (14-3-2011), thank you. Let us all wish all the best and safety to the people of Japan especially to all the Kendo-Ka.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Just another day in UBD Kendo Session

In this session we welcome 2 ladies from MS Kendo Club & a gentlement from PTEM Kendo Club to have a training together. This is just another day in UBD Kendo Session. Keep it up guys & Gals.