Friday, 15 April 2011


Men Uchi Training

Mura being a Moto-Dachi

Ms. Lisa and Neena at Chudan No Kamae

Mr. Chan and Faiq getting ready

All getting ready

Below Neena from Maktab Duli in Chudan No Kamae

XY (Nickname) from Maktab Sains in Chudan No Kamae

Below Mr. Sim Poh Fatt leading the counting in Japanese for Men Uchi Suburi

Below James from ISB in a very serious Zanshin.

Below group photo of UBD KENDO CLUB members with Lim Han Sempai.

Words for Kenshis

For Students: "Kendo can be an Educational pathway from where you are to an University or a Higher Institution, as long as you never give up and always have full concentration and a calm heart to achieved in your school life. Remember we all are a student in life, everyday is new for us to learn."

For UBDian: " Kendo is a culture which you can learn and share at the same time. Being where you all are now proof that you have gone a long way, but it is never the end yet. There is always something to learn as long as your heart is open. Always be patient"

For Every Kenshis: David Chan Sensei once said, Rome is not build in a day, and Itsu Demo Ki Ken Tai Ichi.